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Beginner contemporary dance class

Studio Saturdays 1pm Canada Water Studios SE16 7BW / Zoom Saturdays 4:30pm 

Zoom or studio: Slow pace contemporary dance-fusion beginner, key technique exercises, movement phrases, rehearse & (optional performance) Simple to little challenging exercises to suit beginners. Go at own pace. Work to unleash skills. Movements/use of space altered to suit space restrictions in home environment. You will develop essential skills: Flexibility, movement memory, posture, muscle tone, fitness etc. Step into flow healthy-physical & emotional well-being. “Plié to a dynamic movement flow”

Dance fitness class

Zoom Fridays 7pm  

Step into dynamic dance fitness of healthy-physical & emotional well-being. Experience greater fitness; motivation & self-esteem at home. listen to your favourite tracks whilst keeping fit to improve flexibility, strength & maintaining movements in joints. Class starts with cardio blast to promote blood circulation & heart rate up. We transition into gentle to deep stretches to lengthen, extend & increase flexibility. Experience a healthier-fitter-muscle toned body with a great feeling!

Advanced contemporary dance class

Studio Saturdays 2pm Canada Water Studios SE16 7BW / Zoom Saturdays 6pm 

Dynamic contemporary dance-fusion classes. Technique exercises, phrases, rehearse & perform Challenging content to suit experienced movers. Faster but manageable pace to develop & sustain skills. With determination, work to unleash greater & unique skills. Movements/use of space are altered to suit space restrictions in home environment. Feel essence of Release, Cunningham, Horton, Jazz, Ballet, African & Street Dance. Step into a flow healthy-physical & emotional well-being. Rise!

Private tuition & workshops

Virtual or studio

If you have ever wanted private tuition/workshops with complete focus on achieving personal goals or enhancing private projects then this is for you. Sessions can include personalised dance tuition to improve & enhance skills, guidance & advice, target setting to achieve goals, creating & choreographing specific movements for client's personal use, preparing for auditions, exams & performances. Please complete our private tuition/workshop quote form and/or contact us for initial free consultation before booking.

Access free & paid learning videos



Use our movement bank phrases as starting points for own choreography, auditions, solos, exam pieces & personal projects. Phrases can be purchased individually or in groups. You will have access to learning video folders with front, back, slow motion back or slow motion front view. With these phrases, you have the freedom to learn in your own time, personalise it, costume it, light it, set design it & option to perform this on NEEO Live! (NEEO Live! is coming soon).

Follow along videos

How to dance contemporary style. Learn & become a contemporary dancer in your right by following along our tutorial videos. Access key technique exercises & develop or sustain essential skills. Unleash the dancer! Learn it, love it, live it! 

Couples Wellbeing Contact Movement 

Virtual Zoom

Do you desire couple re-connection & strengthening of unity? Join our couple wellbeing gentle to dynamic movement contact!

Couples’ virtual contact movement is a gentle workout for couples to get fit in unity, support each other & stay connected in a light-hearted-fun way in comfort of your own home!

You will be guided through series of gentle to dynamic movements. Give & take, point-touch & shared energies are just some of the skills you will develop to master the art of couple movement. Go at your couple-pace but work to build trust, harmony & stronger connections.

Inspire your family-start the week in unity!