NEEODANCE Youth Dance Company is an exciting adventure for youth dancers and movers. You do not need prior dance training but you need to be a confident mover who is willing to work hard to develop the necessary skills. Other skills such as acrobatics, gymnastics or natural flexibility can help you pick up other dance skills fairly quickly but hard-work is most definitely required. If you have some training or are an experienced dancer then this is going to add another dimension to your dance flow!


The Youth Dance Company aims to showcase youth dance talent through dynamic dance workshops, classes, rehearsals and performances. We believe that dance amplifies character building in the most exciting way, allowing the youth to thrive in curiosity and creativity. The company is for all gender and all race. Age range is currently 13 to 21 years. (Please get in touch if over 21 and interested). Currently, there is no audition to join; you just need to sign up for the summer intensive and commit to the 8 weeks training of 2 hours per week.

The fee for summer intensive training is £65 (8 weeks, 2 hours per week, starts: 25th July 2021). Once the summer intensive training ends, there will be opportunity for you to continue as company member; company member fee will apply. We reserve the right to refuse application to join the company if commitment and work ethics is deemed unsatisfactory during training. You also have the right to leave at the end of training. However, if you wish to join again, audition may apply.


Currently, company start date is early September 2021, Sundays 2.15pm to 4.15pm. Extra rehearsals may be required if there is a performance to prepare for but there will be no extra charge for this. Your company member fee will cover this. Full details, company policy and terms & conditions will be available before the official company member start date in September 2021. L.E.T.S. do it! Learn. Express. Thrive. Share.