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Jumping Dancer

Welcome to NEEODANCE service information. We have a range of dance experiences to suit your needs but we are still growing so look out for even more! Currently, age range is adults and 13+. However, if a child is below 13, please contact us to discuss their skills & experience. We nurture creativity & artistic development in a warm-positive environment. Step into a flow of physical & wellbeing dance adventure. Learn new skills, enhance your skills, make friends & feel amazing!





Delve into consistency and take your contemporary dance to its full height! We have studio and virtual membership packages on pay monthly. Hassel free-cancel anytime! Studio membership comes with a free virtual zoom class once a week (Virtual contemporary dance with stretch 2-in-1 class ). No obligation to attend your free zoom class with your studio membership but the option is there whenever you fancy it. Please see membership menu for fees.

Studio Dance - Private Tuition - Dance at Home -  Movement Bank Videos - Dance Company


Group of Dancers
Break Dancer
Yoga at Home

Beginner Contemporary

Studio 2.15pm to 3.15pm Sundays £10

Canada Water Studios, SE16 7BW.

Studio 3.30pm to 4.30pm Saturdays. £10

The Lodge Space in Canada Water. SE16 2UB. 

Virtual Zoom resuming soon. £6.50

This virtual contemporary class comes with 15 minutes deep stretching for flexibility. Please enquire

Zoom or studio: Slow pace contemporary dance-fusion beginner, key technique exercises, movement phrases, rehearse & (optional performance) Simple to little challenging exercises to suit beginners. Go at own pace. Work to unleash skills. Movements/use of space altered to suit space restrictions in home environment. You will develop essential skills: Flexibility, movement memory, posture, muscle tone, fitness etc. Step into flow healthy-physical & well-being. “Plié to a dynamic movement flow”

Online Dance School

Online. Enrol, password access to the Online Dance School channel on this website & learn!

This programme comes with additional "live" Zoom contemporary dance master class per term.

Online Dance School is perfect if you wish to learn contemporary dance as a complete beginner , keep up existing dance skills, you can't get to studio classes, keep fit, or you just need some inspiration; All in the comfort of your home. The school is organised into 5 individual pre-recorded videos: 

1. Breakdown of all the technique exercises 30 minutes. 2. Full contemporary dance class 40 minutes, with all key exercises to develop your technique. 3&4. Breakdown of "current" routine and performed for you to learn and practice at the intended speed 15 minutes. One routine per term, smaller/sequential sections are added to your school videos once a week for you to keep learning! By the end of the term, you will know the full routine and option to perform it during "live" dance class on Zoom. 5th video is stretching to improve flexibility.

**Exercises/videos are updated and modified once a term and/or more regularly if needed. 

Inter/Adv Contemporary
Please enquire

Studio & Virtual Zoom

Dynamic contemporary dance-fusion classes. Technique exercises, phrases, rehearse & perform Challenging content to suit experienced movers. Faster but manageable pace to develop & sustain skills. With determination, work to unleash greater & unique skills. Movements/use of space are altered to suit space restrictions in home environment. Feel essence of Release, Cunningham, Horton, Jazz, Ballet, African & Street Dance. Step into flow healthy-physical & well-being. Rise!

Studio/Virtual Zumba with Stretch & Flexibility

Virtual Zoom. Please enquire

Step into dynamic dance fitness of healthy-physical & well-being. Experience greater fitness; motivation & self-esteem at home. Listen to your favourite tracks whilst keeping fit to improve flexibility, strength & maintaining movements in joints. Class starts with Zumba cardio blast to promote blood circulation & heart rate up. We transition into gentle to deep stretches to lengthen, extend & increase flexibility. Experience a healthier-fitter-muscle toned body with a great feeling!

Contact Improvisation

Studio/virtual. Please enquire

Contact Improvisation class is our movement exploration through body mapping in pairs & sometimes in larger groups. See where weight sharing, supporting and carrying can take you from one point to another. Can you remain in contact whilst shifting through space? Can you weave in & out, extend out & go to your edge whilst maintaining smooth transitions in contact? 

Movement Improvisation
In Studio. Starts: January 2022

Studio Sessions. 7.30pm to 8.30pm Fridays except last Friday of each month.  £10 drop in / £30 monthly membership. The Lodge Space in Canada Water. SE16 2UB.

Free the body from habitual movement patterns to enhance your physical health & sense of liberation. Spontaneously create movements through body mapping, shaping & dynamics to seemingly generate continuous motion or not-you dictate the pace because you are in control. Our movement improvisation draws inspiration from dance practices & personal experiences; you do not need to be a dancer, you just need a desire to express yourself using your body as your tool.  Responding to verbal guidance, glide from a simple gesture to whole body movement flow; Free the body & mind to discover a truly authentic personal movement languages in a tranquil-inspiring space.

Dance Company

Studio classes and rehearsals, 2.15pm to 4.15pm. £15 on pay as you go, £40 monthly membership if under 19, £70 monthly membership 20 years +

(Canada Water Studios, SE16 7BW)

NEEODANCE performance company is an expressive-liberating dynamic group. We learn dance pieces, rehearse and perform live or on camera. Come and expressive your movement flow! Currently, there is a short audition process to join and/or attend our open dance classes for one month. Are you willing to delve in and see yourself in a different flow. If you have keen interest in performance with some technical dance training or you have taken a long break from dance, this is perfect for you! If you are a passionate mover with no technical training but willing to undergo training to develop some skills to enhance your performance, this is perfect for you! The level is currently general to more challenging movement vocabulary. The age group is currently adults & 16+. if you are interested in being in a dance company, please contact Yaa. 

Private Tuition & Workshops

Virtual Zoom & studio date/time to suit

If you have ever wanted private tuition/workshops with complete focus on achieving personal goals or enhancing private projects then this is for you. Sessions can include personalised dance tuition to improve & enhance skills, guidance & advice, target setting to achieve goals, creating & choreographing specific movements for client's personal use, preparing for auditions, exams & performances. Please complete our private tuition/workshop quote form and/or contact us for initial free consultation before booking.

Creative Choreography

"Creativity takes courage" Henri Matisse

Studio/virtual. Please enquire

Design your own dance! Suitable for beginner to experienced mover. In the luxury of your own space at home, you will be guided to articulate themes & ideas through movement to get started. Using a variety of inspiration, create & structure your personal choreography & experience physical & emotional liberation. Inspiration ranges from pre-choreographed movements, music, artwork or objects in your environment. Be amazed at how much you can flow in your imagination & the creative ideas that springs forth. Be inspired, create & shape movement art that you can call your own. Own it, love it, live it.

Free & Paid Learning Videos

Online. View on NEEODANCE TV

(NTV) anytime for membership dancers

Use our movement bank phrases as starting points for own choreography, auditions, solos, exam pieces & personal projects. Phrases can be purchased individually or in groups. You will have access to learning video folders with front, back, slow motion back or slow motion front view. With these phrases, you have the freedom to learn in your own time, personalise it, costume it, light it, set design it & option to perform this on NEEO Live! (NEEO Live! is coming soon).Follow along videos. How to dance contemporary style. Learn & become a contemporary dancer in your own right by following along our tutorial videos. Access key technique exercises & develop or sustain essential skills. Unleash the dancer! Learn it, love it, live it!

Dramatic Dance
Male Ballet Dancer
Acroyoga Pose

Yes, you can!